Donation Request

We have an application process for requesting donations. Please review our donations policy below before submitting an application to be sure your organization or cause qualifies.


If you would like to submit your form in person, download the form below:

download the Donation Request Form

Our Policy

We will fulfill donations based on the following:

  • Relevance of the organization or event to our Mission (see below)
  • Timeline of request
  • Number or requests per fiscal quarter

We consider requests from organizations and community groups that:

  • Strive to enrich our community
  • Focus on the environment
  • Are food related
  • Work toward a sustainable local food system
  • Promote community health and/or wellness
  • Advance community arts or community enrichment of any kind
  • Provide relief or foster physical, mental or nutritional health in the community
  • Support co-operatives

Examples of organizations that WILL be considered:

  • Nonprofits, public agencies, schools and school support groups, programs and groups that focus on improving the quality of life of the community as it relates to health, nutrition, education, and environmental preservation
  • Organizations in line with the values of our Member-Ownership

Examples of donations that will NOT be considered:

  • Requests from political groups
  • Requests for donations to specific individuals (we will still review these requests, but prefer to donate to organizations or fundraising events)
  • Requests for the same event/cause submitted by multiple people
  • Requests within the same year for the same event
  • Third-party fundraisers

RAFC Mission

Rutland Area Food Co-op is a community-owned and operated business committed to improving the quality of life for people in the Rutland region through the sale of whole and natural food products.

The Co-op has at least four distinct goals of operation:

  1. To provide affordable access to natural and whole products, especially food products, to the Rutland area community;
  2. To provide a market for local and regional producers of natural, minimally processed products;
  3. To provide a community building and educational center where people can work, shop and learn together;
  4. To support and work cooperatively with other individuals and organizations whose purposes are similar to those of the Co-op.

The Rutland Area Food Co-op is committed to improving the quality of life for people in the Rutland region, and donations to local groups are one means of how we support the wider community.