curry, winter squash, fall soup

Lightly Curried Winter Squash Soup

Squash is almost the perfect vegetable for soup: it’s flavorful and has a divinely smooth texture when cooked and puréed. Serve this soup to people who think they don’t like squash or curry, and you’ll change some minds. You can substitute any winter squash for the butternut described in this recipe; I just like butternut because it’s faster to peel and chop than its many cousins. But there’s also the option of baking the squash first – see prep notes below – and it widens the array of squash varieties you can easily use.

Oatmeal – Variations, Sweet & Savory

This basic recipe can be dressed up in so many ways, you’ll never get bored. Oatmeal makes a hot and comforting breakfast; it’ll give you energy for a great morning. It’s also extremely inexpensive, so you can spend a little more on lunch and dinner.

Try some of the variations below…whether it’s milky and sweet or savory and salty, I’m
sure you can find a favorite way to enjoy a hot bowl of oats in the morning!

Whole-wheat Cheddar Jalapeno Scones

These are delicious for breakfast or with a plate of beans, a pile of vegetables, or
alongside a chili or stew. Spicy, cheesy, flaky—these are best eaten straight out
of the oven.

Banana Pancakes

With the creamy texture and delicious flavor of bananas, these pancakes are stunningly good. You will be seriously popular if you feed these to your family or friends. Another plus: if you have overripe bananas, this is a nice alternative to making banana bread.

Egg Sandwich with Mushroom Hash

Like most sandwiches, this recipe is really flexible. In particular, you can change the hash to use whatever you have around. Sad leftovers can take on new life when turned into a hash and matched with the rich fattiness of a morning egg.

Sunflower Seed Wild Rice Pilaf

This classic pilaf highlights the Co-op’s bulk department offerings.

Rutland Area Food Co-op

A community at 20 years old

As we approach the turning of the calendar year, Rutland Area Food Co-op is ready for a celebration. In 1995 a group of passionate, inspired, community-loving people collaborated to bring a co-op to the downtown district of Rutland, VT. This lovely little co-op has always persevered no…

Rutland Co-op bulk department

Grains of Wisdom from the Bulk Department

By Laura Daubenspeck Everyone has their own top food choices. Generally, these decisions are based on flavor or health content, but many have additional qualities that add to their appeal. As a matter of fact, many of my favorite foods…