Simple Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Coriander & Mexican Oregano

From Melissa’s Kitchen: The pints of cherry tomatoes arriving fresh from Dutchess Farm are like little boxes of treasure in shades of red and gold! Full of delicious flavor, these beauties are perfect for snacking. But, if you can resist…

Squash Toasts with Ricotta & Cider Vinegar

Fresh Fruit + Ricotta Galette


What’s summer without eating food outside with friends? The recipe for this month is simple, delicious, and customizable. A perfect way to take advantage of summer harvest’s fresh rewards. The main component of this dish is Labneh, a mediterranean soft cheese, much like ricotta, and is extremely versatile. It can be used in mezze platters like this, or can even be used in sweet dishes like olive oil cake. It binds the other elements together into a fantastic party (or really anytime) dish.

Recipe adapted from The Mediterranean Dish: https://bit.ly/2J0LgjT

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Tempeh and Chili Garlic Sauce Noodles

One of the great signs that winter is on the outs in Vermont is the start of the sugaring season.  As the temperatures rise in the day, the sap begins to flow and the plastic lines stretching throughout forest begin…

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

  Nothing says winter comfort like a big mug of hot chocolate overflowing with tiny marshmallows. Although, sometimes hot chocolate packets can be a bit disappointing. They lack the right flavor and freshness that really makes a cup of hot…

Swedish meatballs

If ever there’s a time for comfort food, it’s when winter temperatures start dipping into the negatives. The difference between Italian and Swedish meatballs is truly insignificant. Many Italian recipes use a mix of ground beef and pork and so…

Mulled Hot Apple Cider

This is a recipe that you can really make your own. You can add more of one thing and less of others, improvise ingredients, and even swap out the cider for wine. There isn’t one “right” way to make it….

Personal Pot Pies

A good pot pie has two components: filling and crust. When I first set out to make a big batch of these pies, I realized something. Pot pie filling is essentially thickened soup. That means if you have a favorite…