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Beyond the Cow: Milk Alternatives for the Dairy Free.

Did you know it’s estimated that as much as 70 percent of the world’s population can’t properly digest dairy? Our bodies are all different and the reasons why we may not be capable of digesting dairy are varied. It could…

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Almond Milk

There are at least a dozen ways to make a non-dairy milk beverage these days. But almond is always a reliable and effortless choice. We like to keep things simple with the addition of just a little salt, maple syrup…

Why Beans? An Interview with Ryan Yoder

Gifts of Groceries for Neighbors in Need

As reported in the latest issue of the newsletter, in 2015 Co-op members and customers have made cash donations of more than $600 (and counting!) at the register to help our neighbors in need. The Co-op is providing yet another…

Members: Sign up for E-newsletter

In order to make the most of the Co-op’s resources, we’ve given our member newsletter a makeover, and will be sending all future issues via e-mail to save on printing, postage, and environmental impacts. In-house Design Marketing Coordinator Steve Peters…

Make Your Own Gift in a Jar – Saturday, December 12, 11a.m. – 2p.m.

Curried Lentil Soup in a Jar

Layers of colorful bulk ingredients are so appealing that all you need is simple ribbon and a recipe card to complete a festive gift presentation.

Bulk ingredients are very affordable, too: This recipe
(Inspired by The Food Network) makes 5 to 6 servings of organic soup for about $9.

Welcome, Zach!

We invite everyone to welcome Zach Stevens as new General Manager of the Rutland Area Food Co-op. The hiring committee had a lot of resumes to review and interviews to conduct, and Zach rose to the top. Zach’s family roots…

We’ll Miss You, Leah!

Today is Leah Csiszar’s final day as General Manager, and the RAFC Board of Directors and staff wish to express our sincere and deep appreciation for all she has done for our beloved Co-op. Leah made the decision a few…

Pre-order Fresh, Local Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Last November, two Co-op staff members drove to New Haven to pick up 60+ Misty Knoll turkeys ordered by RAFC members and customers. The truck was so packed that one of the staff members shared the shotgun seat with cargo….

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