Commitment to Community

Starting October 1st, we are rolling out a new Member-Owner Benefit, the “Commitment to Community” Volunteer discount!

We at the Co-op ask ourselves on a regular basis: As a community- owned store, how can we better serve our community? 

Recently this question has been answered in the form of increased contributions to local organizations, highlighting good work by those organizations, and getting out into the community more.

And then like the rest of the world, we have had to reevaluate and adapt our strategies in the wake of our present pandemic world.  

We looked to what other co-ops in our area were doing and we came upon Brattleboro Co-op’s Commitment to Community program.  This program allows those doing volunteer work OUTSIDE of the Co-op to get rewarded for that noble effort.  And in this we found one way of being able to both give back to our community (through encouraging volunteerism in our community) and to help those participating Member-Owners when they buy from the Co-op with discounted prices.

So enters Rutland Co-op’s Commitment to Community Volunteer Discount!