Flower essences are a product that are somewhat new to us at the co-op, and it hasn’t been all that uncommon to hear people ask, “What are flower essences?” So, here is a bit of information that we hope can help you understand and get to know these products better.

These products may often be confused with tinctures or essential oils, but although they come from plants, flower essences are a product of their own. With these products, the plant is not harvested or disturbed in the process of being made. Flower essences come from the flowering part of a plant. They are made by the flowers floating in container of pure water in the sun, then they are strained and used in a solution of water and brandy. The brandy is used as a preservative and to keep the essences stabilized.

Flower essences are used to help with a particular emotional, spiritual, or physical problem a person may have. They are the energy or vibration of the flower in liquid form. Flower essences  hold a pattern for harmonious living, and by taking the essences you can align with that pattern. Essences should be taken daily for results to be noticed and taking them more frequently throughout the day gives a stronger response, rather than taking more drops all at once. Suggested use is about four drops in a bit of water 2-4 times a day, or 10-12 drops in your water bottle that you sip throughout the day.

For any other questions that you may have, stop in and ask Julie or Helena!


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