Squash Toasts with Ricotta & Cider Vinegar

Swedish meatballs

If ever there’s a time for comfort food, it’s when winter temperatures start dipping into the negatives. The difference between Italian and Swedish meatballs is truly insignificant. Many Italian recipes use a mix of ground beef and pork and so…

Easy Red Lentil Enchilada Casserole

Some say red lentils have the best flavor. They’re a bit sweet and nutty. And unlike other lentils, these turn very soft when cooked, only needing to boil for 5-8 minutes before they’re ready to use in this quick take…

Quick Fish Cakes

Whatever the reason may be, Americans are not eating enough fish. Experts suggest we consume two servings of seafood per week and most of us only eat it on occasion – or not at all. We’re missing out on important…

mashed banana side

Mashed Sweet Potatoes & Banana

In celebration of Equal Exchange Banana Month we whipped up some sweet potatoes and bananas. It may not be the most typical of pairings, but it works! Really! I mean, if marshmallows can top sweet potatoes, perhaps some banana mixed…

celeriac, celery root, hash browns

Celery Root Hash Browns

Don’t let the imperfect appearance of celery root keep you from enjoying its pleasantly earthy flavor. Just slice off the skin with a knife and use as you would most other root vegetables. These hash browns make a great side dish or addition to Sunday brunch.

brussels sprouts, pan fried

Quick, Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts

A quick pan frying of Brussels sprouts provides a simply browned and caramelized result. Top with a little cheese and even the most Brussels sprouts adverse may give these a try.

wild rice, stuffing

Wild Rice Stuffing

This lightened down (and gluten free) version of stuffing won’t leave you feeling overstuffed, whether it’s at Thanksgiving dinner or enjoyed as a light meal on its own.

local rutland sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Hash

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you can’t go wrong with roasted sweet potatoes and caramelized onions. Top them with an egg for a simple meal. Check out our selection of local sweet potatoes from Laughing Child Farm.

zucchini, summer squash

Quick & Crispy Zucchini

Nothing’s worse than mushy, bland zucchini. This method works to solves that problem. The key is to keep the heat high enough in order to get that nice crispy browning. No specific ingredient amounts here. Just use as much zucchini…