Celebrating Juneteenth

Today marks the 155th Anniversary of the day former slaves in Galveston, Texas were informed by Union Troops that they were indeed free, and had, in fact, been free for two and half years. Consistently celebrated by the black community for over a century, it is now getting the national recognition that the date deserves. We at the Co-op are overjoyed in hearing that Governor Scott has officially recognized it as a state holiday.  

By educating ourselves about the history of our community members of color, by celebrating with joy while also speaking up against injustice, we hope we can continue to make our community, our state, and our country a more equitable place for everyone.

Curious as to how you can celebrate this great day?  Here are a few resources:

COOK: Claiming Joy: The Juneteenth Menu of My Momma’s Memories

LISTENHonor Juneteenth by listening to speeches by legendary Black activist Angela Davis on Spotify

CELEBRATEJuneteenth Black Family Reunion: The Music, The Moments, The Movement

EDUCATE: History of Juneteenth

SUPPORT: Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op Juneteenth Fundraiser for NAACP

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