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Celebrate Co-op Month with “Food for Change”

This October, over 29,000 cooperative businesses serving more than 350 million members nationwide are celebrating National Cooperative Month. We’re celebrating by partnering with the VSECU to screen the film Food for Change.

National Cooperative Month is an opportunity to celebrate the value of cooperative businesses in building dynamic economies through sustainable jobs, community development, and shared democratic control. Cooperatives are user-owned and user-controlled businesses that are governed democratically for the benefit of those users and can be found in all business sectors, from grocery stores and health care to utilities and banking with the credit union model.

Food for Change, The Story of Cooperation in America, tells the story of the cooperative movement’s development through the quest for healthy food and sustainable food systems in the U.S.

“The film is a people’s history of the U.S. from the Great Depression to the present with co-ops as the protagonist, says Steve Alves, the film’s producer & director. “I see cooperatives as a flickering light of hope and purpose in a society that has gone seriously off the rails. We need more co-ops and other businesses that operate this way.

Join us!

October 26th, 5:30pm (film starts at 6pm)
CCV Rutland
60 West St., Rutland VT



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