Bread Ordering at the Co-op

Did you know that you can reserve bread, so that you don’t have to go one weekend without a wonderful Green Rabbit Sunflower Loaf, or perhaps that Seeded Baguette from Red Hen?  Well you can!

You can reserve bread by calling the Co-op or emailing just at marketing@rutlandcoop.com.  We ask that if you want reserve more than two loaves, that you order them by certain times.

For Red Hen Breads there is a 2 day cutoff. So it goes like this:
For Monday Delivery: you must contact us by 12pm on Friday
For Wednesday Delivery: you must contact us by 12pm on Monday
For Friday Delivery: you must contact us by 12pm on Wednesday.

For Green Rabbit Breads, there is only one delivery and we need ALL orders in by Monday at 5pm.

We ask this so that we can ensure that everyone gets to enjoy all of this fabulous bread, and we can be guaranteed that we can get it for you!

Any other bread questions, please feel free to reach out to Justin at marketing@rutlandcoop.com

2 comments on “Bread Ordering at the Co-op

  • V Blackert says:

    Can I order by leaving a message here? I’d like 2 Red Hen three-seed baguettes on Wednesday. Around what time could I pick up?

    • You can place an online order via this link: bit.ly/coopcurbside
      We will call you when your order is put together, we will call close your desired pickup time and can even bring it out to your car!

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